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League of Legends Female Pro Player to Skip LCS Because it isn’t Financially Viable

Maria ‘Remilia’ Creveling, the support player for Renegades is currently weighing her options whether playing in the League of Legends LCS is ‘financially viable’ or not.

Reportedly; Remilia is planning not to participate in the LCS because of the pressure from male-dominant Leage of Legends community; which is understandable. Here is what Remilia posted on reddit:

I just want it to be known that I accomplished my goal for real, and I accomplished it for me, my teammates, and girls in eSports. That’s it! No one else. Don’t fucking put me on some LgBT agenda or some bullshit and bring that up! That’s not me. I don’t believe in that. I don’t want messages acknowledging that part of my life, sorry! That’s not for any of you guys.

Not only this, but she also asked not to be shown on the camera which was readily obliged:

Riot told me they would avoid me on camera, but I felt really comfortable on sta8e so I actually stayed on after we won.

However, her recent comments tell a whole other side of the story. Apparently, Remilia is deciding to skip the LCS because it does not pay much; referring to Leage of Legends as a ‘stupid game’:

Riot! If you read this; I’ll promote your stupid game if you pay me more.

With America’s Evil Geniuses bagging around $6.6 million in the recent The International 5 DOTA 2 championship, some may argue that eSports does pay a lot for something one loves doing i.e. playing video games.

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