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Hajime Tabata Talks Final Fantasy 15 Release Date, Dev Challenges, and Gamescom Reactions

If there is one thing we know with Final Fantasy XV after Gamescom 2015, it is that fans wanted more details about the progress of the game, maybe even a release date. In a recent FAQ on Gamespot they asked Hajime Tabata the Director of the game some interesting questions.

When asked just how much of the game is now complete, he had this to say:

“It’s over 70 percent now. We’ve got those, but that’s not everything you need to get a game out. We can’t just release the game because it’s technically complete. Once we’ve done that, we obviously need to go through the localization process to get it into different languages for different regions. That’s probably the biggest challenge that’s left–in that side, really. Technically, it’s probably over 70 percent.”

On the biggest challenges facing the development team:

“One of the biggest challenges we’re facing comes from the feedback from the Episode Duscae demo, and that’s really to get the game so that it can appeal to, and cater for, both traditionally, Asian and eastern style gamers, and their play style, and the western style gamers and what they expect from the game, and their play style. That’s really what we’re looking at now.”

When asked if a release date is coming soon, his reply was:

“That’s a difficult one to answer. At the very least I can tell you that it’s not going to be released this year. I think we’ll be able to tell you when we’re making the announcement around PAX, later this month.”

In response to the fact that some fans were disappointed by the lack of updates at Gamescom, especially the lack of release date:

“We’re annoyed that we didn’t pick up on how important an event like Gamescom actually is and the expectations people have towards that, and that we couldn’t respond to those expectations by bringing along more important information, or a release date announcement.”

Can Final Fantasy 15 live up to expectations? Does what Hajime Tabata say here give you confidence about the game’s release? Let us know your thoughts below.