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Driveclub to get the Ferrari 488 GTB for Free

While we already know what the updates for Driveclub in August are going to be, new cars and a surprise “yet to be revealed” were also promised. Today the free car has been announced.

The free cars coming to Driveclub this month will be the Ferrari 488 GTB. This will come along with the other updates on August 25th. Evolution Studios have hinted that a special surprise is coming, but have yet to tell us what it is. They did confirm it wonโ€™t be a car though.

The latest update will see updated support for peripherals in the game as well as adding new Elite Levels from 66-75. With the Ferrari being classed as a free download, it can be assumed that this is not the one that will be unlocked by hitting level 66, it will be the one that can be downloaded from the Playstation Store.

Some stats for the car include a top speed that hits over 300 km/h, can reach 0 to 100 km/h in 3 seconds and reach 200 in 8.3. Built for speed it is classed as being on the top end of the supercars, as Jamie Brayshaw, the Senior Community Manager for Evolution Studios has stated.

With another car as well as the other surprise coming this month it will be interesting to see if they can top the reveal of the Ferrari 488 GTB.

Are you looking forward to the update, so you can get to use the Ferrari 488 GTB in Driveclub? Let us know your thoughts below.