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Pornhub forced to take down Fallout 4 Leaked Footage

While many sites, including our own feature the leaked Gamescom 2015 Fallout 4 footage it is likely to go down in history that Pornhub, a popular porn site had been hosting it for people to see. It looks like their video has been taken down though.

This looks to be down to the copyright owner asking for the removal of the video, which comes as no surprise. I’m sure other sites that actually hold the video file itself on their servers may also get the same request.

While this request could have been made because of the nature of Pornhub itself, it may also be that the behind closed doors demonstration is not for public viewing. It is for demo purposes for journalists, so they can share their opinion on what they’ve seen. Although annoying for gamers who want to see some game footage, it’s a method used to promote the games.

While the video has now been taken down from that site, it is unlikely that Bethesda can remove the video completely from the internet. Once it is out there, it will keep on reappearing so that people can continue to view it. So is chasing down people hosting the video just a waste of time and money? That is for Bethesda to decide.

So yes, the video is still hanging around the internet as we speak and people will still be watching it. Pornhub may have bowed down to the copyright infringement request and removed it from their site. Whether some mischievous user will try to upload it to the site again is yet to be seen. Would it get through their stringent video checks?

Have you seen the leaked Fallout 4 video? Let us know your thoughts below.