NVIDIA’s Latest Geforce Driver Adds Support for GameWorks VR SDK

NVIDIA have released their latest drivers, GeForce 355.60WHQL. Not only adding updates for the Ashes of Singularity release, it also adds support for the beta version of the GameWorks VR SDK.

While added support for released games is always good, the most interesting part of this release is the Gameworks VR SDK. Created by NVIDIA to help game and VR headset developers to deliver the best possible VR experiences, it gives them a set of APIs, Libraries and other features to aid their development.

In the finished version of the SDK the developers will have access to:

  • VR SLI – Improvement of virtual reality apps through the use of multiple GPUs. This helps with the acceleration of stereo rendering.
  • Multi-Res Shading – Aids in the rendering of an image at a resolution that matches the pixel density of the warped image.
  • Context Priority – Provides headset developers control over GPU scheduling. This allows them to have more control over features such as asynchronous time warp. This aids the speed in the adjustment of the images gamers see when they move their heads.
  • Direct Mode – Gives VR headset developers direct access, instead of treating it as a monitor. This provides better support for plug and play.
  • Front Render Buffering – Reduces latency.

The only feature in the above list not included in the new beta release of Gameworks VR is the Muti-Res Shading.

You’ll be able to download the driver from here, although if you have NVIDIA GeForce Experience installed you can also automatically pick up the drivers by just checking for the latest driver.

While most of us won’t have any use for the VR additions to NVIDIA’s new drivers it is still interesting to see that these features are being added and progress is being made.

Have you updated to this driver yet? Let us know your thoughts below.