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EA’s Peter Jones Comments on On-Disc DLC Misconceptions

In the same interview where EA’s Peter Jones commented on there being no need for a single-player campaign in Star Wars: Battlefront he has also made some interesting comments on DLC. This includes downloadable content on the game disc, to be unlocked in the future.

When talking to Gamespot the subject of DLC in games came up, specifically obligatory DLC plans and the actual importance of it with Triple-A games. He had this to say:

“Well a lot of that resistance comes from the erroneous belief that somehow companies will ship a game incomplete, and then try to sell you stuff they have already made and held back. Nonsense. You come and stand where I am, next to Visceral’s studio, and you see the work that is being done right now. And it’s not just DLC, this is free updates and ongoing balance changes.”

On what impact such DLC and on-disc content have on development of the game:

“You have to do that from a technical perspective. Think of them as APIs. Knowing down the road that something needs to sit on what you’ve already made, means you have to put some foundations down.

What people are confused about is they think DLC is secretly on the disc, and that it’s somehow unlocked when we say.”

What these comments do is give an insight into how downloadable content is planned for. These DLC elements that are included on the disc but not yet available are in preparation for future additions to the game. They don’t lock away certain things from the complete release.

While it can be annoying that sections of the game do appear to be locked up, these elements are probably not even in a state that can add anything to the game yet anyway. They sit there until the next DLC connects with this section of code and fits into the actual game.

Do you agree on this concept of day-one downloadable content on the game disc? Let us know your thoughts below.