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DS4Windows Fixed for Windows 10 to Allow Dualshock 4 Controller Use

If you use DS4Windows to allow using your Dualshock 4 controller on Windows, and have ran into the problems with Windows 10, your worries may be over. The latest update to the controller emulator now includes a fix to make the controller work again.

The changelog for the controller details the latest update:

VERSION 1.4.27

(Windows 10) Thanks to another workaround found, it has been added to DS4Windows, there is a button on the main tab, to connect your controller exclusively, this will temporarily kill explorer (The taskbar) and bring it back once a controller is connected

Macros: When recording with a delay, you can now add rumble and changing the lightbar color during the macro, you can use the touchpad zones to add rumble or lightbar options. To change how much rumble happens or the lightbar color, just double click the item in the list

This is good news for people looking for support to be re-added for the Playstation 4 controller, as there was doubt at one time that the emulator would ever work again.

DS4Windows works by emulating the Xbox 360 controller for Windows. This had worked fine until Windows 10 was released, then because of changes in services that the emulator relied on it appeared it no longer worked.

Now that a workaround has been built into the latest version of DS4Windows, the controllers should work again, meaning you can get back to your gaming with your favourite controller. As you’ll notice in the changelog notes there is also an update to macros.

Windows 10 may have had a successful launch but there have been a few teething troubles, this one included. With this not being an official emulator for the Dualshock 4 controller, I’m sure Microsoft would not be in any rush to help with a fix. Thankfully, as we see, this issue should now be a thing of the past.

Will you be using the emulator to use your Dualshock 4 controller on Windows 10? Let us know your thoughts below.