Destiny The Taken King Gets New Details for Strikes, XUR, Ghosts and More

Destiny The Taking King is just around the corner and a new hands on impression has revealed new details about the expansion.

It was revealed that new Green weapons out-powered some of the best Year One raid gear. Part of an Exotic weapon Quest bounty is getting 50 pieces throughout the Dreadnaught. On this massive ship, players will face other races, as well as Taken.

Wider range of gear is added to give players more options for appearance. Light is measure of the player’s power and activities have light levels. Ghosts can add stats and light in The Taken King.

You can now decide which weapon, Primary, Special, Heavy, is seen in public spaces. Interestingly, there is a new item available at XUR, which allows you to boost exotic drops from the next boss you take on.

Strikes are now more focused than ever on replayability. Enemy compositions and races are switched from Strike to Strike.

There are three strike playlists.

  • Vanguard Legacy: Features all strikes from Year One
  • Vanguard Ursa: Random heroic strikes that’ll offer Legendary engrams and more.
  • Vanguard Marmoset: Is TTK strikes Only

Crucible Strikes have been improved and more details regarding Raids will be shared soon. Destiny The Taken King will release next month on Sept.15.