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WWE 2K16 to get More Create-A-Superstar Options

If there is one thing that has always been fun it is the ability to create your own character in the WWE wrestling games. In a new brief but interesting video released recently the developers working on WWE 2K16 show the level of detail players will be able to go into in the Create-A-Superstar mode.

In this latest video the developer shows off the ability for the player to change the material properties on the wrestler’s attire. The choices shown for materials for the wrestlers mask are Default, Cloth, Matte, Vinyl, Satin, Metal.

While not exactly the most descriptive of videos it does offer a glimpse into just how flexible the system will be. With greater graphical power the system can handle different textures and how the environment will react with the choices made for the material. It’ll be interesting to see how reflections are handled with some of the materials.

While WWE 2K15 and other games in the series may have been a disappointment, the Create-A-Superstar mode has remained popular because of the way the players can create their own wrestler. This has led to many inventive uses for the mode, and can often be more fun than the actual matches themselves.

With this new video, it raises the question as to just how much detail users will be able to go into with the wrestlers. With the basic design of the system, we really only get to select options from lists of predefined settings, but this style of interface has worked well in the past.

With those who pre-order the game being able to play as Terminator, will players use the creation mode to create a suitable opponent for him? Will his textures be available in the mode too? If they were this could lead to some intriguing creations. With the DLC nature of Arnold Schwarzenegger’s character though I doubt we’d get access to his costumes.

Do you enjoy using the Create-A-Superstar mode in WWE games? Do these new options for WWE 2K16 impress you? Let us know your thoughts below.