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See All Star Wars Battlefront Alpha Weapons in 3D Models

Star Wars Battlefront is probably one of the biggest game releases this year which is why everyone wishes to know more about it all the time. If you were not a part of the alpha testing, we are here to show you how at least the weapons felt like in the game.

Some really talented guy has re-created all the weapons (13 in total) in 3D models and uploaded them so that every one of you can check them out.

In the link provided you can check out the Star Wars Battlefront weapons by twisting and turning them around in 360 degrees meaning you can get the feel from every angle just like you would when you actually hold them in the game.

For those who don’t know, the weapons included in alpha testing included A280, CA87, DH17, Dl44, DLT19, DTL20A, E11, EE3, Electrobinoculars, Rocketlauncher, RT97C, SE14C and T21.

Do tell us what you think.

In parallel news, you can hear the developers talk about Fighter Squadrons by visiting this link here; or you could also try and understand the gameplay mechanics behind the Fighter Squadron as well as StarFighters here.

Star Wars Battlefront is scheduled to release on November 17 this year for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Microsoft Windows.