No, You Can’t Defeat Deus Ex Mankind Divided Bosses with Dialogue Only

So you thought Deus Ex Mankind Divided was so cool you’d be able to chat with a boss and defeat him with your communication skills? Think again, that is certainly not the case here.

Patrick Fortier, the gameplay director for Mankind Divided was recently in an interview where, thankfully, the question of how to “stealth” a boss came up and here was his response to being able to defeat bosses with dialogue:

‘Whoa, whoa, whoa! Where did this come from?’ What we said is that through your social interactions leading up to a boss fight you might have talked to people, or you might have explored, or you might have obtained certain elements or means to deal with the boss fight. That’s the kind of stuff we’re going to support. And we’re also going to have stuff like debates which there were in Human Revolution, and that you can see in the demo.

So yeah, it not going to be a good idea if you don’t take weapons to a boss fight in there.

He also added, though, that classical boss fights are a different story and will be “supported in fully non-lethal ways.” So yeah you can choose a nonlethal course through out the game but certainly not table talk a boss.

How excited are you about Deus Ex Mankind Divided.