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Nintendo Won’t Annulize Core Franchises, DLC is the Way to Go

If you are a Nintendo fan and are worried that some of your favorite Nintendo titles will suffer from the side-effects of annualization, you’re wrong.

Annual franchises are more than often criticised for being repetitive, lack of innovation, milking fans for money and many other things.

We have Assassin’s Creed, COD, FIFA, PES and other franchises that see annual releases, and are pretty much the same every year. Thankfully, Nintendo doesn’t plan on following similar practice with its core franchises.

Nintendo of America’s Scott Moffitt recently spoke during an interview and said that they do not wish to annualize games, and think that DLC is the way to go.

We tend not to annualize our franchises, there’s not a new Mario Kart every year. What we’ve tried to do with the Wii U is first, create a fully featured really enjoyable game that has something for everybody, has surprises that you’ll discover as you play through levels and it gives you a good amount of quality entertainment.

For fans who love [Mario Kart], we’ve released extra content over time so that it keeps the game fresh and allows them to experience more than they could when they originally bought the game. That’s the approach we take, rather than annualizing the franchise, we are periodically releasing new courses, levels and features that keep people playing. We see a huge surge in gameplay hours on Mario Kart when we [release new content].

However, there are some exceptions. Nintendo will treat different franchises differently. The company has released plenty of Pokemon games for 3DS.

According to Moffitt, it depends on developers, series, and if they can deliver highly quality installments per year. However, games like Super Mario Bros. or Mario Kart aren’t fit for annual installments.