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Need for Speed 4K Screenshots Show Off the Beauty of the Cars

Whether or not you were impressed by the gameplay on show for Need for Speed at Gamescom 2015, the one thing that can’t be argued against is the impressive look of the cars. After the event, to emphasise this, some impressive screenshots were released.

The 4K screenshots show just how good the Porsche 930 and Porsche 933 look in the game. Heavily tuned and using aftermarket body parts they also hint at the type of cars that would catch Magnus Walker’s eye, the Speed Icon in the game and a collector of classic Porsches.

In the latest Need for Speed game, the developers are looking to create a new level of realism. Bringing in seamless full motion video into the gaming world, and make the game more accessible to gamers, they are hoping to take the game back to what made the series so popular. Going back to its street racing roots may help this.

Whether these new “crews” for the game will work or not is an interesting move, but also a risky one. In previous attempts, this type of interaction between the player and the actors has led to a distraction from the action. With the actual graphics and detail in the cars looking so impressive though, hopefully this won’t get in the way.

What we see from the screenshots of the two cars is the level of customisation that is available for the cars, and with what we know about the different play styles this will be an important element of the game. The player has to build an impressive car and show off driving skill that befit the vehicle they are driving. This means that the car has to also live up to what is expected of it.

What are your thoughts on these screenshots? Let us know below.