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Mooncrest Kickstarter Fails, What’s Next For KnightMayor?

Last month, newly formed studio KnightMayor announced a new RPG title called Mooncrest. The game showed promise and much was expected from it as it was being developed by experienced developers from all over the industry.

Last week, KnightMayor started a campaign on Kickstarter in order to raise $400,000 for Mooncrest’s development. However, the campaign failed after raising only $48,000, from 1400 backers.

KnightMayor announced:

This past weekend, we came to the realisation that we weren’t going to make it and we felt canceling was our best course of action.

KnightMayor was founded by Rick Burton, James Henley, Brian Ledden, and Jeffrey Visgaitis, who worked on popular games including Mass Effect, Jade Empire and Star Wars: The Old Republic.

According to developers, the reason for their failure on Kickstarter was poor massaging and lack of gameplay footage, in addition to weak project video.

So what will happen to Mooncrest? Well, KnightMayor says that it won’t give up and plan on starting a new Kickstarter campaign soon.

Our focus will be on having a pitch video that actually, ya know, pitches the game, having in-game footage to show, and just going more in depth on what we have in place to see this game through production and to release.

When we last talked about Mooncrest, it really sounded like a project with potential. We hope KnightMayor manages to raise the funds it needs and continue developing the game.