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Heroes of the Storm is Getting 4 New Heroes and Infernal Shrines Map

Heroes of the Storm is getting 4 new heroes and a new map, Blizzard has announced.

The new map is called Infernal Shrines which is a typical 3-lane map and has 3 special shrines scattered across the map. The shrines can be activated by heroes in order to acquire a powerful beast as an ally.

Coming to new heroes; the first hero is Diablo’s Kharazim. The monk can choose from 3 unique traits which offer him HP regeneration, mana regeneration, and bonus attack damage.

Another character is called Rexxar from the World of Warcraft. The ranged hero has a powerful bear companion named Misha. Misha can dish out hefty damage in melee combat and turns Rexxar into an overall decent hero. In addition to this, Rexxar is also able to summon boars and a hawk to deal damage to enemy heroes.

Next up we have Artanis from the original StarCraft who is a melee-based Templar with hard-hitting abilities and more. And finally, we have StarCraft II Medic as new playable character in the Heroes of the Storm.

Which of these characters are you looking forward to play in the Heroes of the Storm or which character from Blizzard universe would you like to see added into Heroes of the Storm roster? Let us know in the comments section below!