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GTA 5 and Mafia 3 Don’t Share Technology Although Both Owned By Take Two

Only a couple of days on after Mafia 3 got officially revealed and we can already see people comparing it to other games, most notably GTA 5; but the developers don’t agree with you.

The chief executive officer at Take-Two Interactive, Strauss Zelnick when pressed for the same said that the comparison was uncalled for because the games stand apart:

I wouldn’t compare it to anything else out there. The reveal was great, but it stands alone.

We don’t use any other game in the same sentence as Grand Theft Auto. It is the industry’s standard-bearer. It’s not up for comparison.

Now something might make you think that since 2K Games manages Mafia 3 and Rockstar manages GTA 5, and both companies are owned by Take Two, there could be some similarities at least in thet

We’re blessed that we have two distinct labels at this company. We do not have a tech-sharing environment. We’re a very congenial company, but we don’t think that’s the best way to get the best out of our development folks. It’s not the way it works around here.

Not only that, I personally think it is too early for us to go drawing comparisons between the two titles based on what little information we have about Mafia 3. Besides, GTA 5 surely is the standard bearer of the industry, it is not everyday you can justify comparing a game with that.