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First Screenshots from Dragon Quest XI Revealed

After revealing some details about Dragon Quest XI, Square Enix have made the first set of screenshots available for the game. With images from both the Nintendo 3DS and Playstation 4 they are likely to impress those waiting for the game.

These images not only show how good the game looks on the Playstation 4, but also hint at how the game will be played. With only one of the screens featuring battle though, I’m sure people looking for more details about the game will be wanting more.

The images from the Nintendo 3DS version also reveal the retro style 2D map used in the game, which is a throwback to more old school style of the series. This will feature on the bottom screen while the main screen includes the more cartoonish graphics more befitting of the updated version.

While this is obviously the Japanese version of the game, hopefully Square Enix won’t take long before they translate it for fans in the west. With the popularity of the series, I doubt they will want to leave fans waiting, and will work on getting the release worldwide as soon as possible.

With the release coming for the two consoles, and a possible Nintendo NX release in the future, it will be interesting to see which console sells the most copies of the game. Will more of the fans go for the handheld version? Or will they decide to go for the graphically superior Playstation 4 one? While I would think it would be the PS4 that wins out, the popularity of Nintendo 3DS games can often surprise.

Which version catches your eye the most? Let us know our thoughts below.