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Facebook’s Motion to Dismiss ZeniMax Oculus Lawsuit Denied by District Court Judge

U.S. District Court Judge Jorge Antonio Solis has denied Facebook’s motion requesting to deny a lawsuit filed by ZeniMax Media and its subsidiary company ID Software stating that Oculus Rift has illegally acquired the company’s intellectual property.

The lawsuit was filed back in May 2014 with ZeniMax Media claiming that Oculus Rift founder Palmer Luckey illegally acquired ZeniMax research related to virtual reality headsets and thus breaching all copyrights and trademarks. Despite the fact that both Facebook and Oculus Rift openly denied accusations by ZeniMax Media; the trial went on.

Now Facebook have requested the court to dismiss the case which U.S. District Court Judge Jorge Antonio Solis has denied; the same judge also denied Luckey’s motion back in July. As for the case, it has now been pushed to 2016.

ZeniMax Media claims that Co-Founder and ex Chief Technical Operator of ID Software shared the information with Luckey while it was being under a Non-Disclosure Act. The company has also claimed that Luckey took years of research in order to create Oculus Rift and also started hiring many of ZeniMax Media employees.

The judge has stated that all involved parties are required to submit all evidences by the end of February 2016 as the preliminary trial is scheduled to take place on Aug. 1, 2016.

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