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EA Sports Removes Patrick Kane from Cover of NHL 16

Sometimes the choice of cover star for sports games can become controversial. It looks like one of these could has been EA Sport’s NHL 16. Due to allegations made against Patrick Kane, he will now be removed from the cover of the game.

As you can see from the Tweet above, EA Sports have confirmed this removal due to the ongoing investigation into the player. He was due to be the star on the cover alongside Jonathan Toews, who are teammates in the Chicago Blackhawks, the current NHL champions.

With the police department in the town of Hamburg releasing a statement on August 7, confirming that an investigation was ongoing it comes as no surprise that the player has been removed from the cover. To read more about the case, you can read the report on the Buffalo News website.

While the investigation is still ongoing, it comes as no surprise that EA Sports had to take this move. Though he has not yet been proven guilty, until proven innocent it would be inappropriate to have him as a cover star.

Sports controversies do tend to affect the games that are based on them. Only last month, Hulk Hogan’s racist remarks led to him being fired from the WWE and 2K Sports had to announce that he would be removed from the game. Though “Sports Entertainment,” wrestling still has a high profile impact in the world of sports games and is effected in my the same way as these controversies.

As well as being removed from the cover of the game, Patrick Kane will also no longer be a spokesman for the game either.

Did EA Sports have any other option but to remove him from the cover? Let us know your thoughts below.