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Diablo 3 Players Experiencing Screen Freezes on Windows 10

With more and more users upgrading to Windows 10 it looks like it may be claiming more victims. Although this one seems to be connected to the latest upgrade of video drivers rather than the operating system itself.

Based on some posts on Reddit players on Diablo 3 are experiencing the game freezing and performance issues while playing. It appears that this is a known issue with AMD/ATI drivers, as well as some users having problems with NVIDIA drivers too.

The answer appears to be to roll back to an earlier version of the drivers, which is a workaround that has worked for some. Another fix was made available here for AMD/ATI drivers but it is also noted that this one is a user workaround so caution is advised when using it.

With a newly released operating system especially with DirectX 12 there are bound to be teething problems, especially with older hardware. While this will obviously annoy gamers, this is the risk of updating to Windows 10 at this time. Though with Microsoft’s aggressive campaign to make us all move up to Windows 10, it comes as no surprise that so many have.

Hopefully the fact that so many people are talking about the performance issues with Diablo 3 will lead to Blizzard fixing this problem quickly. If not, at least there are plenty of other gamers willing to provide useful information about how to fix the problems as they arise.

While not all people appear to be having too many issues with Windows 10, this is the nature of the PC. With all of the different hardware configurations and all the new drivers, sometimes things tend to fail, as we see here.

Are you having issues with Diablo 3 on Windows 10? Let us know your thoughts below.