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Destiny Crucible Cheaters, More Punishments Incoming for You!

Cheating has always been a problem even in the old times when games were only physical and not on a screen; so Destiny Crucible is no different and it looks like a ban hammer is going to swing pretty soon and pretty frequently.

I am expecting that based on an update provided by DeeJ the community manager at Bungie. On the official Twitter profile of DeeJ a tweet was made that read:

Just met with the Bungie Security Response Team for an hour. Expect more information on Crucible Justice in the next weekly update.

So naturally, there is only one thing that could mean, apart from the fact that a videogame developer has a team with such ab FBI-like name i.e. Bungie Security Response Team.

Moreover, if you check out some more of DeeJ’s tweets, right before this one, you will know for sure that Destiny Crucible cheaters are in for a hard time.

For instance, one of them talks about honor as opposed to cheating in the game saying “until everyone learns to value honor our Security Response Team will weigh options for justice. Do your part and issue Reports.”

So yeah punishments are going to be on their way to Destiny Crucible pretty soon. What exactly are those punishments going to be? I guess we are going to have to wait and find out in the next weekly update.