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Bayonetta Confirmed to be Xbox One Backwards Compatible, Microsoft Lobbying For Eschatos

Awesome news for all of you Bayonetta fans out there, it appears that the game’s developers as well as Microsoft want to give you another reason to love them; the game has been confirmed for Xbox One backwards compatibility!

The news came out when the Japanese Endgadget guys were talking to developers at Microsoft”s Xbox division about the newly offered feature.

While discussing the plans it was revealed that Microsoft was in talks with a number of different companies in order to bring them on board with the Xbox One backwards compatibility plan.

Among those companies is Platinum Games and apparently, Bayonetta is already confirmed to grace the library of games that would be made available on Xbox One.

The original story was is Japanese so we had to rely on online translators which is why there isn’t much more to share than that.

However, it seems like not all the publishers and developers are good to go with the Xbox One backwards compatibility program. For instance, it appears that Activision has still not come to a decision on this one.

Other than that it was also revealed that among a number of developers, Microsoft is also lobbying for Eschatos, the 2011 shooter.

The program is scheduled to go live officially in the month of November which means we have some time to think what other games would feel good on Xbox One – apart from the original Bayonetta of course.

Have any titles in mind? Please share in the comments below.