Someone Sold Every PlayStation Title Released in Japan For $24,000

Sony began its journey in the gaming world with the release of PlayStation, the console sold a plethora of units and gave us some of the best gaming experiences of our lives.

PlayStation 1 gave a solid platform to Sony for building its brand and now over a decade later, PlayStation is recognized as a dominant force in the gaming market.

Every developer big or small, wanted to make games for PlayStation One, giving it one of the biggest library of games ever; and making it a highly successful console.

A massive library meant that even the most harcore fans would miss-out on some titles, but not wmmft148. This person, according to reports, managed to collect every single PlayStation game released in Japan. That’s not all, he/she has sold this collection for around $24,000 (Three Million Yen).

We came across a listing on Yahoo Auctions, where this person sold his collection merely five days after it was listed. There were a total of 3290 games included in the bundle.

Here’s what it looks like:


Here’s another one:

PlayStation 1

It took wmmft148 93 boxes to store all of these games. I guess we should start collecting PS4 games, so we can sell them for a hefty sum when PlayStation 8 comes along.

So what do you think of this amazing collection? Would you have spend this much money on it?