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Slender Man Case: Teens to be Tried as Adults for Stabbing Classmate

Every one of us has, at some point in our lives, got to know about Slender Man and even got the goosebumps from the story too. However, these two teenage girls took things to the next level by stabbing a classmate to appease the fictitious character.

The famed Slender Man has been at the foundation of a number of internet mythologies including murders and whatnot. So 13 year old Morgan Geyser and Anissa Weier stabbed one of their class fellows with an intention of killing her.

The girl was 12 at the time of the attack back in May 2014 and was stabbed 19 times in legs, torso, arms and so on.

Now, judge Michael Bohren of Wisconsin has ordered that the girls should be kept in the adults court instead of the juvenile courts in order to be tried as adults.

Apparently if they are tried in the juvenile courts they will only get five years of jail time; the decision to try them in adult courts is so that they don’t get away that easy.

They are both charged with first degree murder and if it is proven in the adult courts they could be facing up to 65 years of sentence in prison.

It looks like the girls believe they were pleasing Slender Man so that they could be used as his proxies in murders. After stabbing the girl (who then crawled to the road for help) the two teens were seen carrying a knife in the bag pack as they walked to Wisconsin’s Nicolet National Fores

Wisconsin’s Nicolet National Forest is where they said the Slender Man mansion is.