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Scalebound Dragon Can Be Used Unlimited Times, But Has Limitations

One of the more impressive features of the Xbox One exclusive Scalebound were shown off at Gamescom 2015, which saw the gigantic ally dragon Thuban sweep down and decimate enemies for you.

As attractive and encouraging it may be, having a powerful dragon as an ally is something a creative game director like Hidetaka Miyazaki would never approve of, simply because it makes things too easy. However, in an interview with AusGamers, Scalebound director Hideki Kamiya promised that despite Thuban being an extremely powerful ally, he would have limitations to balance out the game.

According to Kamiya, there are no restrictions to the number of times Thuban can be used in a fight, but there are certain aspects that need to be taken care of when ordering the giant dragon to burn your foes.

“So there really is no limit; there’s no restriction on how many times [you use Thuban] or you give the order to attack, but if you think about it naturally he is a living creature himself so if he’s too aggressive then it means at some point he’s going to wear down or if he gets too close for being too aggressive, he can gain more damage against himself.”

Kamiya also stated that spamming the use of Thuban would also be detrimental to the player’s progression on the long term, as enemies Thuban slays would not release gems, which basically act as currency that allows you to buy better items and level your fire-breathing companion.

This will force you to use Drew to take out enemies instead of abusing the use of Thuban like a Schedule V narcotic. Although Thuban cannot be controlled, players will be able to give commands to the dragon.

Scalebound is being developed by PlatinumGames as an exclusive for Xbox One. It is expected to be released some time next year.