Mafia 3 Producer Talks About Re-Imagining New Orleans

Mafia 3 has been making it to the news a lot specially after the developers revealed it officially at Gamescom 2015. So here we are again with a short video of the developers talking about it a bit more.

In the video above, Andy Wilson, the executive producer of the game can be seen talking about the franchise in general and how they are re-imagining New Orleans in Mafia 3.

We did a story revealing the reasons behind New Orleans being chosen as the location too, and you might want to read up on it for context.

So Wilson says that sense of time and place is very important for the game and the 1960s era of New Orleans was very turbulent for the US as well as the city, so they are building up on it.

Watch him comment on the setting of Mafia 3 above and tell us how positive you are about it.