League of Legends: Taric Getting Full Rework, Will Be Available Later This Year

League of Legends support Taric, is getting a full-rework and will soon hit PBE. Changes are being made to his model, animations, effects, sounds, lore, icons, gameplay.

Taric is a niche choice and doesn’t really offer much in terms of gameplay, if compared with other supports. However, the outdated character might just get better with upcoming changes.

We don’t know specifics for these upcoming changes, so we can’t be sure how will they affect Taric. According to Riot Rapitour:

Taric’s design work was actually finished early this year, but he’s getting the full deal as far as updates go: model, animations, effects, sounds, lore, icons, gameplay.

He’ll be a Sion-level rework, and he should probably come late this year or early next year.
I did his game design work, so if you hate it when it hits PBE, feel free to let me know then.

Developers won’t completely change how this character works. For instance, Taric “still heals (more I think?) Still has an Armor buff Still has Armor scaling.”

Like mentioned above, if you come to hate the new design in PBE, let them know. You can read more about changes to other characters, here.

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