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League of Legends NA Ranked Disabled as New Servers Are Tested

If you are wondering what is up with League of Legends’ North American servers, let us tell you that it is all the good things. Chicago, Illinois servers are being tested for better connectivity.

Riot Games announced on the official status page of the game that they will be disabling ranked queues during the test but bring them back up soon after.

The updates provided by Riot Games on the matter started when they told everyone to be watchful as the servers would start testing on 6:00AM PDT and continue until 12:00PM PDT.

The testing has started at the promised time and now, the status page reads:

Server testing has begun and ranked queues are now disabled. Only a small percentage of games will be routed to the new server for testing, so you may not see a difference in ping. We estimate that testing will end at approximately 12:00pm (noon) PDT.

There is still time in the testing period to end, so I guess we should wait and watch. As for those of you experience a change in the ping, the League of Legends Subreddit has a survey where data is being collected to figure out how much does the ping change by.

What are the impacts going to be on League of Legends players at the East Coast? And what of those near Portland and the entire Pacific Coast?