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Horizon Zero Dawn T-Rex’s Real Power is it’s Graphical Complexity

When Horizon Zero Dawn was shown at the Sony E3 presentation focus may have been on Aloy as the main character but the robo T-Rex she did battle with was also impressive. In the latest Official Playstation Magazine they have revealed just how impressive it is.

The Thunderjaw is a formidable foe in the game, and formidable as a technological feat. Featuring 550,000 polygons, 271 different animations, 67 visual effects, and 60+ hit reactions this is quite a beast for the playstation 4 console to render.

Just trying to get your head around such numbers can be quite a task but to see the Thunderjaw in action, this shows just how much power the current generation consoles are generating, especially when the actual gameplay is not affected by such complexity. With all the elements such as animations, effects, and hit reactions, it all adds up to making the robot creature seem more realistic in its reactions.

All of this graphical force is used to create one of the biggest challenges for Aloy, with the Thunderjaw having 12 unique weapons at its disposal. These include not only Gatling guns and foot stomp but also a Disc Launcher on the creatures back. The T-Rex also has 63 separate panels that can be dislodged to reveal blastable weak points

While what we saw at E3 was impressive I’m sure we’ll be seeing more of this beast, and some of its allies as we find out more about the game. If the other beasts are impressive as Thunderjaw I’m sure we are in for quite an experience.

Are you impressed by the level of detail Gurreilla are putting into creations like Thuderjaw? Let us know your thoughts below.