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Hajime Tabata Confident Final Fantasy 15 Will Deliver What Fans Want

In an interview conducted by Finaland with Hajime Tabata, director of Final Fantasy 15 at Gamescom 2015 they managed to get many details about the much anticipated game. A lot of the details should put many of the fans worries to rest.

Interestingly, the interviewer picked upon the fact that the environment of the swampy valley in the gameplay video shown at Gamescom looked a little empty and sterile. This turns out to be because the area is still under construction:

“The video footage we show there is an area that is still under construction, so it is obviously going to change. What we have done here is that we are trying to show new ideas and new areas from FFXV. In that one, you travel in the valley and in the swamp, which is the habitat of the Malboro. There may be other areas where you have monsters coming down from the skies to attack you. That’s what we are trying to show here. But this isn’t a finished location and a lot of the game is at that kind of stage at the moment, it’s about 60 to 80% complete, and obviously now, these need to be further polished and enhanced to fit in the overall FFXV world and brought up to that top level of quality.”

On the realism shown in the game, he had this to say:

“To reassure you, the construction of the game and the way the areas differ throughout the game starts out as a world very much based on reality. It feels more solid and more grounded in reality. As the game progresses, you will certainly more fantastic, otherworldly kind of elements. You will see these different tastes, this kind of magical and superb ideas that you see in previous Final Fantasy games will be seen close to the end of the game. It’s all in there.”

On the amount of feedback that is provided by fans, and if this could lead to the team working on the game losing focus on its own vision:

“We are very much aware that if we listen to every single opinion given, there is no way we can reflect all of those in the game, because we will get as many opinions as there are fans out there. We really have our vision of what we are aiming to do with FFXV, and this testing is meant to see if these objectives are being met, rather than getting feedback from everywhere. What we find the most important about this feedback is first of all to test the elements that we think are really good, to see if the emotional response to them is the reaction that we are looking for. If it is, it’s brilliant. But if it’s not, we think: can we polish this to make sure it is? If not, we change it to make sure we can achieve what we want to achieve. It’s a very focused test. Hopefully, after reading that, some of your readers might be reassured in the way we use this feedback. It really is not about losing our vision at all.”

The interview gets into even more detail about the complexities of the game, and is well worth a read.

Does what you read give faith that Final Fantasy 15 is on the right track? Let us know your thoughts below.