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Epic Games Looking for Competitive Players to Test a new IP

Epic are looking to recruit a “Competitive Player” to test a new IP. Not revealing what the game will be has led to speculation as to what they are working on.

We know “Competitive Players” can range from people who play all types of different games. You just have to look at Twitch to see the variety that are out there at the moment streaming their gameplay skills.

Looking at the job details for the QA Tester, the job would be to work as part of a team to aggressively test out the new game that is in development. Preference for the job is being given to people who have been part of online tournaments such as MLG, and ones that have experience in online streaming of gameplay.

While this still does not provide enough details about what the game will be, it is obvious that as tournaments online range from first person shooters to MOBA style games it could possibly be one of these styles.

With Epic Games having a history in first person shooters with Unreal Tournament, could this be a hint as to what the game could be? Obviously, it won’t be that game, as the development of that one is already known about, but it could still be another first person shooter.

Speculation will continue, but until we know, the fact a job testing the game is available is obviously interesting. Are you skilled enough to apply for it?

What do you think this game could be? Let us know your thoughts below.