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Destiny The Taken King Will Have More than Twice the Content of Previous DLCs, Bungie Promises

The new expansion for Destiny, called The Taken King, has caused quite a bit of controversy due to its hefty price tag of $40, twice as much as the previous two DLCs. Bungie community manager Eric Osborne though has promised players that The Taken King will contain more than twice as much content as the first DLC pack, The Dark Below.

Speaking to IGN in a video interview, Eric stated that Strikes in The Taken King will be the best they’ve done so far.

“I don’t have any trouble saying that The Taken King is well more than twice as much content as the Dark Below. The story’s great, there’s seven Crucible multiplayer maps, there’s three brand-new Strikes, and they’re the best Strikes we’ve delivered to date.”

There have also been revisions of the previous existing strikes, according to Eric, and lots of other changes/additions that he’s not willing to talk about just yet.

“We’ve got the Dreadnaught, which is not just a big new destination to explore, it’s really deep and layered, there’s tons of little secrets and things you can collect riddles and clues and stories and quests and quest logs and more guns and more gear and exotics.

“We’ve got three revised Strikes that are existing Strikes but with the Taken infused in them to change them up for the first time. We’ve got the Raid, we’ve got a bunch of stuff we aren’t talking about but will.”

Despite assurances from Eric, the hefty price tag will still force players to think twice before deciding to cash in on the DLC. The more concerning matter though is how The Taken King will try to address those players who decided to put down the game the past 6 months and would pick it up again for the DLC, something we’ve questioned previously about the DLC.

The Taken King DLC will be released for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, Xbox One, and Xbox 360 on September 15.