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Destiny Hotfix Fixes Husk of the Pit Drops Tomorrow

If you have been struggling with the Husk of the Pit drops because, well, they wouldn’t drop, your worries are almost over as Destiny Hotfix has been announced for release tomorrow.

A post was made to the official website of Bungie where they confirmed that issues with the Husk of the Pit not dropping are going to be taken care of. In other words, the drop rates are being upped.

Tomorrow, assuming everything goes as planned, Destiny Hot Fix will go live. One of the bigger issues that will be fixed will be the Husk of the Pit not dropping. The Husk is back and better than ever… well it’s the same, but you will be able to get it now. It’s drop rate is actually being increased.

Since we know that they are fixing the problem by increasing the drop rates, you might be interested in finding out how much of an increment should be expected.

Well, while Bungie did not disclose that yet, they did promise that patch notes for the Destiny Hotfix will be shared tomorrow.

You should also keep an eye on them for other reasons as “the Husk fix is not the only thing being changed/added and the patch notes will go into detail on some of the other small changes.”

Check back for more on this tomorrow, possibly in the morning.