Dekavita 7 is Coming, Turning the Vita TV into a 7-Inch Portable Console

One of the stranger releases is heading to Japan with a launch date of September 17. Gametech’s Dekavita 7, a device that literally translates to be “Giant Vita 7” is coming, and allows a Playstation TV, or as it is known in Japan, Vita TV to be plugged into the back of it.

The device will then work as a giant Vita, providing a 7 inch screen. As with Playstation TV though there will be no touchscreen functionality for the games played on the device. With an HDMI and USB port available, it also allows connection to a Playstation 3, changing the device into a controller similar to the Nintendo Wii U gamepad.

While seemingly a waste of time, the Dekavita 7 may actually appeal to some users. While a Playstation 4 can connect through the HDMI port, the device will not work as a controller, though remote play should be available through the Playstation TV. With the loss of visual quality, I’m not sure many would want this option.

Looking at the details for the device, its resolution is 1024 x 600, and weighs around 550g (without Playstation TV inserted.) The size of the device is 259mm x 140mm x 32mm. It comes with a 500mAh battery that provides around three hours of gameplay.

As you can see from the trailer for the device it does seem easy to use, and is an interesting idea. With pre-orders at 24,840 yen, which is around $198, this is an expensive device though, especially when you add the price of the Playstation TV on top of it. I guess we’ll have to see how it sells in Japan to see if it gets a release in the west.

Would you have a use for the Dekavita 7? Let us know your thoughts below.