Crackdown 3 Agility Orbs Won’t be Mobile, Says Reagent Games

The upcoming Xbox One exclusive Crackdown 3 will not bring back runaway collectibles; developer Reagent Games has confirmed.

Character progression in Crackdown depends upon player actions with the exception of agility which is enhanced by collecting orbs scattered throughout the in-game world. Crackdown 2 introduced the idea of mobile orbs which upon being approached would move away from spawn points before disappearing; if not collected in time.

Speaking with Game Informer at Gamescom 2015; Crackdown 3 game director, Dave Jones confirmed that agility orbs in the upcoming game will remain static:

“No, they are not going to be back,” Jones confirmed. “I am not going to do that. It was an interesting try, but for me; no, they will be static.”

In addition to this, Microsoft’s Peter Connolly said that the voice of agency director Michael D. McConnohie will also be returning:

“He loves working on the franchise,” says Connolly. “We get him in a room, and he will do things like, ‘Phil Spencer, this is a milestone for you, shut up and listen.'”

In related Crackdown 3 news; the developer has confirmed that the game’s destruction elements will remain exclusive to multiplayer mode only due to cloud-based computing. To find out more, head over to the post!

Crackdown 3 is scheduled to release sometime in 2016 exclusively on the Xbox One.

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