The Division Q&A: Dark Zone, Rogue Period, Your Reward, Friendly Fire, Leaving a Group

You might have some questions in your mind about Tom Clancy’s The Division and its E3 2015 presentation so Ubisoft is helping out with some.

What they are doing in the video above is that they are taking some questions and confusions from a Reddit thread and query videos sent to them, and clarifying whatever they can.

Some of these details have already been shared for instance you enter the Dark Zone with a neutral status but as soon as you kill someone you are turned into Rogue. This means you have a (temporary) bounty on your head and other The Division players will be coming at you like you like bees on a honey pot.

So it is a two way thing, you kill more players and the bounty on your head keeps getting bigger while at the same time each kill helps you build up on your Rogue level – the Rogue period also increases, starting from a minimum of two and going up to five minutes.

What on earth do I get for doing that, you might ask. Well the lucky ones who manage to survive the entire Rogue period in Tom Clancy’s the Division, you get your own bounty as a reward!

You cannot shoot a group mate since there’s no friendly fire although you can leave a group in which case a warning will be shared with all group members.

Moving on, if you thought there were going to be more than one Dark Zones you are wrong, the game has just one and it is the only place you get PvP but it is very big.

However, when it comes to the number of players that can play together in the Dark Zone is still to be answered (in December) though Ubisoft promises that there will be more than a total of 9 players of course.

There’s more in the video above.

Let us know if you have any questions about the Dark Zone in the Division, or anything else in the game for that matter.