Splatoon Datamined: Playable Octolings, New Stage, Weapons

Finding out details about unannounced future content for a game through data mining is not a new thing and the Splatoon fans knew just where to look in order to find out about things you are soon going to get.

With the latest version 2.0.0 someone decided to look into the newly released files to get their hands on a number of details.

If you don’t like spoilers this is as far as you should go.

So the first and most interesting thing found out by the data miners is that Splatoon is soon going to bring you playable Octolings. You can check out the video above and see how you like it.

Moving on, the new stage we talked about this Saturday seems to be a bridge called the Hammerhead Bridge, it was apparently shown off in Japanese commercials for the game but you can see the images here.

More importantly, the data miners have been able to find out details on a number of new weapons that are going to make their way to you in the near future.

While Splatoon is already known for the variety of weaponry, here are some new ones that you will come to love eventually.

There is definitely going to be a lot more to find out inside those new files form version 2.0.0 so stay tuned with us for more on the future of Splatoon.