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Rocket League Cheat Trainer Gives You Unfair Advantage on the PC Version

Rocket League has been the surprise of the summer with the amount of following it has gained in such little time. The challenging game has gathered an almost cult-like following from fans all over the world who are trying to master the title.

Sadly for many, but gladly for others, the notorious Cheat Happens website has released a trainer for the Steam version of the game on PC. This trainer allows players to cheat by using unlimited afterburners, freezing time, and even adding XP to their profile. Oh, and you can even add/subtract scores if you want to.

The trainer also gives you additional options in the form of assigning hotkeys to certain cheats.

Cheating is looked down upon, but hey, it’s a free ticket for those who want to try it out. Hopefully it would have some form of punishment online. The trainer was designed specifically for Cheat Happens, but it does seem to work on retail and distributed versions of the game on Steam.

Folks who have the title on the PlayStation 4 however will simply have to get good at the game, since there’s really no option for cheating around on the console. Rocket League is available for PC and PlayStation 4, and has already been downloaded 5 million times since its release in early July.