Mortal Kombat X Mod Unmasks the Fighters

As fighting games improve, and the level of details designers can put into the characters become even more impressive they can hold all kinds of surprises. Mortal Kombat X has a myriad of characters, some masked, but all impressive. Ever wondered what lies under the masks?

If the answer is yes, well a mod released for the PC version of the game allows you to do just that. Youtube user Dynasty shared the video, which reveals some surprising results of the mask removal.

Revealing the faces of Torr, Erron Black, Rain, Smoke, Sub-Zero, and Jason Voorhees has revealed that NetherRealm Studios have put time into modelling the faces that hide behind the masks, where it could have been safe to assume that wouldn’t be needed.

The most impressively ghoulish of the faces surprisingly belongs to Torr. When his bag/mask is is removed he definitely beats Jason Voorhees in terms of ugliness. Jason, has been revealed before, is intimidating still, but not on to the same level of grotesqueness.

When looking at the other characters, there are a few that do feel a little basic in their design, Erron Black and Sub-Zero are examples of this with lack of facial hair or detail in areas that are hidden under the mask.

The fact that the faces are so detailed could be a sign that future DLC could see the ability to remove the masks. Selecting Ferra Torr would be interesting, especially with his impressive face. I wonder if NetherRealm may consider this if there is positive feedback from the unmasking mod. It would be a nice touch to give the players the option.

Are you impressed with the unmasked Mortal Kombat X fighters? Let us know your thoughts below.