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Mafia 3 Does Not Have a Multiplayer Mode, Hangar 13 Confirms

Well damn, I was kind of hoping there would be a multiplayer component in Mafia 3 but it appears that Hangar 13 and I have serious difference of opinions.

Now I do think the game is looking super amazing just the way it is, but apparently the developers thought better off than to add a multiplayer mode in the game.

Haden Blackman, the head of Hangar 13 was at Gamescom 2015 where he was inquired about it; sadly, he prefers developing the character of Lincoln and and other gameplay mechanics than do that.

So they are saving time by skipping the multiplayer and investing those resources into adding a number of interesting things to Mafia 3:

We’re very focused on building up Lincoln as a character, so the game is really an unabashed single-player game. There is no multiplayer. But that’s really because we wanted to focus on putting you in this role of Lincoln, really develop him as a character, really nailing the cover-based shooting, the physics-based driving model.

Don’t think Haden or the team at Hangar 13 doesn’t like multiplayer games though, but in Mafia 3 their goal is a well done story instead of that:

I love multiplayer games, but being able to play a game that’s a very curated story that I’m helping to craft along the way, those are my favourite types of games, so that’s what we’re building.

Other than that you can read up on the Lieutenant System of Mafia 3 as well as the reasons behind choosing New Orleans as their location by checking out this link right here.