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Here’s How Fallout 4 Specials and Perks Systems Work

Bethesda has shared some new details on how ‘specials’ and ‘perk’ systems will work in the upcoming post-apocalyptic role-playing game, Fallout 4.

The developer recently sat with IGN at Gamescom 2015 and talked about ‘specials’ and ‘perk’ systems which will determine what your character will develop into.

According to Bethesda, players will be required to choose their ‘specials’ right at the beginning of Fallout 4. After deciding ‘specials’, they will be asked to choose a perk every time they level up. By making right decisions, they will be able to transform their character in a variety of different ways; you can either go with a complete whackjob or or something closer to a real life human, if you choose to do so!

In addition to this, Bethesda has also confirmed that Fallout 4 will not have a character level cap which will certainly benefit players in developing their unique characters.

In related Fallout 4 news; Bethesda’s Pete Hines recently discussed the game’s emotional narrative and the idea of giving complete freedom to players. For more information, head over to the post!

Fallout 4 is scheduled to release on Nov. 10, 2015 for PC, Playstation 4, and Xbox One.

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