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Halo Wars 2 Won’t be a ‘Total War: Halo’ Kind of a Game, Says Creative Assembly

Creative Assembly, the new developer working on Halo Wars 2, has assured that the upcoming game will not be a Total War clone.

Speaking of the game, Creative Assembly said that the studio will use the original Halo Wars as a starting point and it will not turn out something as ‘Total War: Halo kind of game.’

While speaking with MCV; Creative Assembly’s Tim Heaton said that the studio is currently working closely with 343 Industries and Halo Wars 2 will take the prequel to the next stage:

We are absolutely using Halo Wars as a starting point. This isn’t going to be a Total War: Halo kind of game – this is Halo Wars taken to the next stage. We really rated Halo Wars. It’s something we can add to and build on. As we’re learning about the universe, we’ve been working closely with 343 Industries, and that’s been a really interesting learning experience.

Furthermore, speaking of Total War on Playstation 4 and Xbox One; Heaton said that nothing is off the table and new consoles provide a lot of opportunities, but for the time being, the studio is focused on delivering Halo Wars 2:

Nothing is off the table! We know we can do more with Total War. PS4 and Xbox One have over-delivered on what some people thought they would do. The consoles are definitely an interesting place to be, and there are going to be loads of opportunities with them.

Announced during Xbox Gamescom 2015 presentation; Halo Wars 2 is scheduled to release on PC and Xbox One sometime in Fall 2016.