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Halo 5 Developer Reacts to Gamescom Build Being 60Fps, Trying to Absorb No Split-Screen Criticism

Just a few months ago when Halo 5 was shown during E3, players came forward with complaints of framerate drops whenever there is a lot going on in the game. Halo 5 was only able to maintain framerate of 60 during quiet moments, but that has changed.

Halo 5: Guardians’ latest build was at Gamescom and it ran at a smooth 60 Fps. Verification of this came later on when Digitalfoundry tested the build in question, and found a stable enough frame rate.

343’s Frank O’Connor reacted to this on Twitter, when a fan shared the Digital Foundry’s test results.

Previously, when E3 build had shaky frame-rate, the same source tested that build, after which fans reacted in a negative way, criticized 343 as much as they could.

It should be a relief for developers that they have managed to pump-out 60Fps for Halo 5. However, that glorious frame-rate came at a cost.

Development team had to remove split-screen from the game, which again didn’t go down well with long time Halo fans. But it was necessary to maintain a stable frame-rate.

Everyone has their own opinion about this, but I believe developers should stick with their vision for the game, and not be off-put by negative feedback campaigns.

You can not satisfy every single fan.

Halo 5 will release on October 27 exclusively for Xbox One.