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Someone Makes and Wears all Destiny Exotics (Warlock) in Real Life

Destiny exotics, whether they are related to armor or weaponry, have been in-demand ever since the game came out; so this lady decided to show her love for them in real life.

A fan of the game who goes by the name of Melodywise Cosplay says that since she could not wear all the Destiny exotics simultaneously inside the game, she took it upon herself to make them in real life herself and wear them to show off.

She has spent some time making real life replicas of exotics from the Warlock class and even posted an image of herself donning the set to the internet.

In the image attached below you can see her wearing all the exotics of the Warlock class except for the boots because Warlocks don’t have exotic boots currently. Hoever, she still made boots that the Warlocks wear in the game.

Knowing how someone has been working on these things himself just to satiate his attachment with the game takes cosplay to a whole new level. Would you like to own a whole set of Destiny exotics in real life just like this one? I would!

Destiny Warlock Exotics Cosplay

In parallel news regarding the game Bungie has been rebalancing some of the more popular exotic weapons in the game which is something that a few of the community members did not like. Here’s the developers’ side of the story, see if you agree with them.

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