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Fire Emblem Fates Fans Launch LGBT Related Petition for Dialogue with Nintendo

The LGBT community in Japan has released a petition for Nintendo and Fire Emblem Fates, demanding a dialogue with Nintendo and the creators of FEF (Intelligent Systems) regarding LGBT content in their games.

The petition was partially translated from Frenchman Thomas James, who is working in game localization in Japan. According to him, the dialogue is not desired out of anger or accusation, but merely to give suggestion to improve any LGBT content in their games.

The petition and general awareness of LGBT content in videogames in Japan rose to a newer level with the release of Fire Emblem Fates. The game contains various characters who appear to be bi-curious, and there is a general presentation of non-heterosexual relationships.

The LGBT community apparently seems to want Nintendo to improve on the way such content is presented, and perhaps to encourage it more in mature games that would involve intimate relationships among in-game characters.

Nintendo of America was similarly asked in a petition to add homosexual relationships to their game Tomodachi Life. Nintendo initially pushed back the petition, but ultimately relented, apologizing and promising fans for addition of such content in the future.

Homosexuality and LGBT content has been in games for quite a while, but it has greatly grown apparent in recent years. BioWare is well-known for making titles which feature varying sexual orientations amongst their rich characters. Perhaps this petition is directed towards pushing Nintendo into delivering such LGBT content.