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Final Fantasy XV Will Have Realistic and Grounded Character Design: Tabata

Final Fantasy XV director recently spoke about the game and has revealed more about its character design. It was also mentioned that the latest trailer for the title was in-game.

Speaking in an interview, Hajime Tabata said that they are aiming for realistic and grounded characters, for FFXV. As part of the process of achieving that, developers introduced real-life cloth designs, something that people would wear in real life.

So the characters we will show afterwards are not entirely dressed in black. For XV we are trying to introduce more realistic, grounded in reality-like designs into the game. As part of the main game – including the overall aesthetic – we’ve got several character clothing based on real clothing designs with similar things you wear in real life.

Final Fantasy XV was actually Final Fantasy Versus XIII, before it was pulled out of development hell. The original concept for the game was very dark and Nomura-san (director at the time), said that this will be the saddest entry yet.

However, with Final Fantasy XV, we notice some very light moments and it doesn’t look as dark or sad as originally planned.

Tabata spoke about this and said that both are completely different games.

We mentioned this very often to the media and the fans: Final Fantasy XV and Versus are different games. It’s not always that they share the same tone and feel.

Final Fantasy XV will release sometime in 2016 (hopefully), for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and rumors suggest a PC version as well, but nothing is officially confirmed yet.