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Final Fantasy VII Remake Won’t be Using the Luminous Engine

While the Final Fantasy VII remake wasn’t on show at Gamescom 2015, and we probably won’t learn much about it for a while, there was a titbit of information revealed. It will not be running on the Luminous engine.

Known to be the engine powering Final Fantasy XV, fans of the series will probably have expected it to be used for the remake. In an interview with Nova Crystallis, Final Fantasy Director Hajime Tabata revealed this is not the case:

“Final Fantasy VII (Remake) is not planned to be made with that.”

This may mean that like Kingdom hearts 3, Final Fantasy VII will be build using the Unreal 4 Engine. If true, this means that the game will likely look impressive, but what of the Luminous engine? Just looking at Final Fantasy XV you can see how good games look using it, so why the Final Fantasy VII remake is not using this engine?

This is obviously a development choice, and in the end, we may not get to know. Decisions like this are planning decisions and while the Luminous engine is the in-house engine, there are other engines that can be used, such as Unreal 4.

Whether this really means anything to the fans waiting for the the remake is debatable, but I’m sure when we get a look at it, if it fails to impress I’m sure many will point to the choice of engine as an excuse. What really matters is the final result, and whichever engine is chosen, this result should still hopefully be impressive.

Are you surprised that the Final Fantasy VII remake isn’t using the Luminous Engine? Let us know your thoughts below.