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DriveClub Updates for August Revealed

In a series of tweets, Game Director of DriveClub Paul Rustchynsky has revealed the latest updates coming to the game in August. This includes added compatibility for peripherals, added car statistics, Elite Levels (66-75), and handling improvements to the VUHL and Rimac.

The added support for peripherals is for the Thrustmaster TH8A Add-On Shifter, both gated and sequential. In addition to this clutch support is also added for Thrustmaster T3PA and T3PA-Pro Add-On Pedals.

There will also be two other cars in addition to these updates. These will be unlockable when the player reaches level 66.

In additions to these there will also be a free car to download, and an added surprise yet to be revealed by Evolution Studios. Here are the Tweets:

This news will of course be welcome to fans of the game, especially the new surprise that is coming their way it’s a shame that we won’t get to see what this is until they finally reveal it, but I’m sure it will be worth the wait.

Do any of these updates interest you? Let us know your thoughts below.