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Crackdown 3 City Destruction Impresses other Games Companies Too

Crackdown 3 and its destructible city are causing many conversations, between not only fans but also developers of other games. Interesting to watch on Twitter it looks like even competing development companies are impressed.

Jos Hendriks of Bioware had an interesting thought when he tweeted:

As Patrick Wren, 343 Multiplayer designer says in the replies the levels of destruction we all look forward to can only be done in multiplayer and that is when online.

Jonathan Cooper of Naughty Dog also commented on the game:

This for me is where Crackdown 3’s problem is going to be. The whole reaction to “always on” reliance of the internet was unpopular and this led to Microsoft dropping it. Has this damaged Crackdown 3’s ability to impress? In a tweet by Senior Producer of Crackdown 3 on a question about the game on PC, he gave this reply:

Logically the PC is going to need the power of “The Cloud” too, as this is about processing on a number of servers, not just one computer.

Most interesting from Noonan though is this tweet where he mentions “Keys to the City”

As fans will know, Keys to the City opened up the game to be more fun. Maybe this is a hint that a sandbox online version of the game will be made available that allows solo players to connect to the cloud, but be in the city alone to have some destructive fun. Wishful thinking maybe, but also something that sounds fun.

Are you looking forward to destroying the city in Crackdown 3? Let us know your thoughts below.