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China Has More Mobile Gamers Than USA and Canada’s Combined Population

It’s not unheard of news that China is the largest gaming market in the world, but just how big it is compared to some of the other countries is something we didn’t quite recognize. Well, a research conducted on the matter has a report on videogamers in China, and the numbers are astonishing, to say the least.

According to the report, the number of mobile gamers in China exceeds the entire population of the United States and Canada combined, with a stupendous 366 million mobile gamers at the start of 2015. In addition, there are 305 million browser gamers, which is slightly less than the 318 million population of the United States itself. The numbers for PC gamers are also huge, reaching 134 million, enough to replace the population of Japan.

The financial numbers though are not linearly related to the usage population though. China’s major financial revenue comes from PC gamers, which reaches RMB 26.7 billion (US$ 4.3 billion) compared to the mobile gaming community’s RMB 20 billion (US$ 3.2 billion).

However, the growth of mobile gaming is much faster (67.5%) than PC gamers (4.5%) and browser gamers (12%), which goes on to suggest that perhaps by next year the mobile gaming will surpass PC gamers in-terms of revenue.

Currently, the strong revenue generation by PC gamers in China is a testament to the country’s strong PC gaming foundations. It is also evident why many gaming organizations are looking to invest time and money in China, as it undisputedly has the largest gaming market in the world.